Ice House Gallery is a unique art space in South Evanston with .  Our first floor features a local artist gallery and serves as a venue for monthly performance art.  The second floor houses rentable artist studios, secure art storiage, and art classes.  Featuring local and Evanston-loving artists, our gallery conjoins an assortment of art, reflective of the city’s varied community. We strive to bring a unique array of visual and performance art and we work hard to ensure that everyone can find a piece that speaks to their personal taste and fits their budget.

Our art classes are focused on meeting you where you are.  If you want a challenge,  want to explore a medium, want to see if you can even draw anything, we have an art class for you.  From beginning drawing to open studios to intensive workshops, we will work with you to achieve your goals.  

 Ice House Gallery has a heartbeat that extends beyond the art hung on the walls. We strive to bring a unique array of visual and performance art, to offer art classes that both develop and challenge you, and to be an art center that celebrates all things art.  

The name “Ice House Gallery” is derived from the history of the building - it originally served as cold storage for massive blocks of ice set to be distributed throughout the surrounding area. Though the interior has been totally renovated, the high ceilings and enormous windows perfectly suit this new venture. Art buyers and admirers alike are sure to appreciate the artworks displayed in our aesthetically unique space.