Saturday Watercolor Painting Class for Beginners

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Saturday Watercolor Painting Class for Beginners


This six-week introductory course on watercolor painting will address both traditional and nontraditional materials and various techniques, including dry brush, salt, sponge, and splattering. We will also teach how to apply color theory to a transparent medium.  There will be both Instructor selected still lifes and open time for experimenting and discussion.

Who:  Those wanting to try their hand at watercolor. Ages 12& Up

When:  Meets on Saturdays for six weeks, or 12 total classroom hours.

— SW#2 Saturdays, 2:30-4:30 from Oct 27-Dec 8 (No Class 11/24)    

Where: Ice House Gallery Studios, 609 South Blvd, Evanston

Why:  Because art is fun and amazing, and there is an artist in each of us that needs to grow

Cost: $156

Instructor: Edna Porter 

Materials: Students will be provided with basic materials in class but are also encouraged to bring their own supplies. A suggested material list will be discussed for those interested in purchasing their own materials.

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