Painting Rain Barrels

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Painting Rain Barrels

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Why have a plain Rain barrel to capture rain when you can have a piece of art!  Using rainwater to water your garden or plants, to rinse off dirty shoes or clean yard implements, to wash your pets outside, or various other uses you have for water, is just a good thing to do, and it is made even more fun when you have a beautiful rain barrel to hold it.  

Choose from a 15-gallon or 30-gallon rain barrel that will be prepared for you, OR bring your own ready to paint.  Bring ideas of your own or get some help from Gallery owner Hannah Litvan!   No experience necessary for this three session Class.  (You will be responsible for the materials and work in order to adapt the rain barrel to your specific downspout, however we will provide written instructions to do so.)

 Who: Anyone desiring an artful Rain Barrel


          RNBRL#3 Starting Thursday Nov 29- Dec 20 from 10:15-12:15

Where: Ice House Gallery Studios, 609 South Boulevard, Evanston
Why: Because you know you want to!!


  • RNBRL#1  Class Only $78

  •              RNBRL#2  Class Only $78      

  •              RNBRL #3  Class Only $78

  • RBMats #1 15-Gallon Barrel $62

  •              RBMats #2 30-Gallon Barrel $82

Instructor:  Hannah Litvan 

Materials: All paints and brushes will be supplied.  You can register for a 15 or 30 gallon barrel or bring your own barrel, ready to paint.  No materials for preparing or building your own rain barrel will be provided and no materials for fixing the rain barrel to your downspout will be provided.

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