Painting Sunlit Flowers in Oils for Beginners

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Painting Sunlit Flowers in Oils for Beginners

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This beginning oil painting course will initiate students in basic academic techniques for the rendering of floral subjects in oil paints to achieve vibrant artworks. We will study composing a floral painting, mixing colors, and how to create sunlight and shadow effects to enhance the subject to give it a three-dimensional presence. 

We will also learn about the application of interesting, painterly brush strokes, as well as discuss some technical and safety aspects of oil painting. Join us and paint your favorite flowers in the rich, lustrous medium of oil paint!

When: Meets once a week for six weeks, or 12 total classroom hours. Choose the class that suits your schedule:

— FULL Wednesdays from 4-6 pm, Oct 24- Dec 5 (no class 11/21) (OPB#4)

Where: Ice House Gallery Studios, 609 South Blvd, Evanston

Cost: $156

Optional Additional Materials Fee: $25

Materials: Basic painting materials with limited oils are included in the course fee.  For the use of additional oils, include the Optional Materials fee.   The Instructor will provide advice and guidance as well as a suggested Materials List should a student desire to increase their supplies.

Please bring a craft apron or other protective clothing such as old shirt.

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