Discover the Art of Gold Leaf

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Discover the Art of Gold Leaf


Who: Those looking to explore and learn more about the art of gilding with genuine gold leaf.

WHAT: Gold leaf is actual gold beaten into delicate, translucent leaves. Described by American artist Charles Prendergast as " …like a half-solidified piece of sunlight" , gold leaf is a delicate, amazing medium. It’s beautiful, delicate, and translucent properties will be studied in this 2-day workshop, and you will learn how gold is used in water gilding, the art of applying genuine gold leaf onto a meticulously prepared surface using a water-based adhesive. The gilded surface is then highlighted by pressing the gold with a special burnishing tool transforming it to a brilliant mirror-like luster. Students will receive a  pre-gessoed, sanded piece upon which they will brush on the colored substrate and prep it for gold. Students will learn how to use the gilder's tools of the trade to apply the gold leaf and how to use the burnisher to transform the gilded surface. The completed piece is then sealed with lacquer and yours to keep. Come learn the lost art of gilding!.


GOLD#1 - Saturday April 6 from 10am-5pm . There will be a 1-hour break. Please being a brown bag lunch

GOLD#2 - Saturday/Sunday May 4th and 5th from 11am-2pm EACH DAY

GOLD#3- Thurs/Fri May 30 and 31 from 12-3 pm EACH DAY

GOLD#4 - Thurs/Fri June 27 and 28 from 12-3 pm EACH DAY

WHERE: Ice House Gallery Studios, 609 South Blvd, Evanston
Because this will be really cool!
All materials are included to create a piece to take home
Valeria Martin

Valeria has over 25 years experience in the gilding arts. She originally worked in custom framing where she was inspired by the high-end gilded frames. Serendipitously, Lyon & Healy Harps hired Valeria, and she learned how to gild harps. She currently operates her own business, Bliss CreativeWorks teaching and restoring harps. Valeria has a wealth of knowledge and passion for this art form, and is excited to share it with you.

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