Beginning/Intermediate Oil Painting

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Fione OIL.jpg

Beginning/Intermediate Oil Painting


WHO: Both Beginning and intermediate painters looking to grow in their skills with Oils
Paint your favorite flowers in the rich, lustrous medium of oil paint! This course will initiate students in basic academic techniques for oil painting using the rendering of floral subjects to achieve vibrant artworks. We will study composing a floral painting, mixing colors, and how to create sunlight and shadow effects to enhance the subject to give it a three-dimensional presence.  We will also learn about the application of interesting, painterly brush-strokes as well as work on expressed needs of the students.
Meets Weekly for 7 weeks

OIL#2 Tuesday Oct 29-Dec 10 from 10am-Noon

WHERE: Ice House Gallery Studios, 609 South Blvd, Evanston
WHY: Because art is fun and amazing, and there is an artist in each of us that needs to grow
COST: $193.00
Students are welcome to bring their own materials or for an optional $20 fee, we will provide all basic materials needed. Materials Option can be purchased on the first day of class.

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