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Georgia Shankel Artist Reception, Music by Aperion Project

Music by Aperion Project:

Aperion Project is a genre-bending duo consisting of electronic music and live instrumental improvisation.
Brandon Rizzo-Wojak: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Keyboard, Laptop
Gabriel Patti: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Loop Pedal, Percussion

Light, color, pattern, form, nature, humanity. These are my areas of study. Every painting is an experiment into one or all of these areas. 
I am working on a series titled America The Beautiful. It started with members of my family and blossomed with my first iPhone. Being able to catch people unaware has made a huge difference in my work. Also using several pictures to make one perfect expression is a thrill. Even when creating political satire, to express my rage and outrage at the inhumanity of political leaders, definitely not part of the America The Beautiful series, I rely on multiple images to create one. 
The same method of using multiple photographs is used when working on landscapes or animals. I am not interested in what is actually there, but what I want to say about what is there. 
-Georgia Shankel