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Ice Children

The exhibition Ice Children evokes the plight of immigrants and their treacherous journeys. Crossing deserts without water, with parched babies and children. Drowning in rivers. Searching for safety. Captured in cages. Finding only mirages of the American Dream.

In front of the Ice house Gallery, on the sidewalk, the exhibition Ice Children will feature ice sculptures in the form of a boy and a girl with the signage: Ingredients: frozen tears. These two sculptures will be lit with spotlights so the light refracts on the ice. The viewer will be drawn to the morphing form as it disappears, liquifies, and evaporates. Ideally, another ice sculpture will be inside the gallery (if the melting ice can be adequately contained). Digital art by HanneStasia will be displayed on easels in the gallery. The overall sensory experience of Ice Children exhibit will combine image, sound, taste, water, and music.

The sculptures and art demonstrate a paradoxical theme: on one hand, the beautiful, sparkling images encapsulate childhood innocence and exuberance; on the other hand, the spider web and ice images evoke children entrapped, looking for freedom in the world. The melting of the ice symbolizes both fleeting innocence and the disappearance of these children’s’ familiar lives, and the diminishment of their psyches and identities caused by separation from their families and their illegal incarceration.

In conjunction with the art and in honor of these children, award-winning pianist/composer Anastasia Royal will give a live performance of her original songs Ice Children and Spacious Skies and Waltz For No One. The orchestrated versions (Waltz For No One is a hip-hop version) of these songs will be played during the gallery opening. (The running time of the songs is about 20 minutes.)

A live stream feed will document the melting of the ice sculptures, accompanied by the website where photos and videos can be uploaded.

HanneStasia will make ice cubes in trays that are the shape of babies and ice cubes with plastic babies in them to be used in the glass beverage dispensers at the Ice House gallery. These drinks with encased baby ice cubes will make the exhibit more interactive and create a visceral experience for the audience.

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