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Brennen French: Featured Artist Opening Reception

The evening's entertainment will be featuring Evanston's award-winning guitarist and resident Eric Lugosch.

Eric is a world traveler and performer. He'll be presenting music from many different times and genre's all with his unique style and sound on the solo guitar.

“Lugosch strolls onstage with his guitar into the home turfs of folk, blues, pop and jazz, shepherding influences into harmonic bliss like a global musical peacekeeper”

“Justin Hayford” Chicago Reader

Local Artist Brennen French shows his collection of political mixed media paintings.

Brennen's Bio:
The goal of all of my art is to serve as a voice for justice. I believe that art is an incredible tool for shining a spotlight on the issues that matter. Through art I strive to motivate viewers to care for human realities that are not their own. 
As a student of history, much of my work pays homage to people and movements that exemplify progress and to criticize structures that oppress and regress. I strive to inspire people to learn more about those whose accomplishments can still be felt today, even when their names have faded from public memory. 

Artist Statement:
My Perfect Canvas is an ongoing portrait series based on the beliefs that every woman’s body is worth celebrating and every woman’s position on what empowers them is valid. As a society, we have this narrative of what the “Strong, Independent Woman” looks like; she’s bold, doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, and is emboldened in her nakedness as a statement of “I don’t care what you think of me, my body is not indecent.” But because of this dominant perception, women who share those ideals but don’t express them in the same way can be seen as not having the same level of conviction. My Perfect Canvas attempts to dismantle this notion by celebrating each woman’s personal take on empowerment. Each of them is seated comfortably and confidently, as this promotes a natural posture that does not only show their “good side,” instead highlighting that beauty remains even when we aren’t trying to be such. 
This series was inspired by, and made for, the wide diversity of women, along not just racial, sexuality, or body type lines, but also how they want to display their perfect canvas.

Join us for an evening to meet the artist, listen to local music, enjoy refreshments, and admire local art!

Eric Lugosch
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