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Iron Curtain Cabaret: Socialist Realism in Drag

In this playful performance Danya and a group of immigrant underground artists explore the diverse and largely abandoned body of songs written by Soviet composers in 1950-1970s. Danya sings Soviet totalitarian songs in full drag. Then switches to punk, soul and whatever other performance modes he finds suiting. The performance is a contemplation on the possibilities hidden in the discarded human experiences, both personal and historical.
Large portions of the performance are in Russian, featuring original lyrics and melodies. 

Danya - Evanston-based immigrant performance artist and a soviet song collector. 
Sanya Suvorovets - Chicago. Virtuoso musician, leader of the Multivitamins - a counterculture phenomenon in chicago immigrant circles.
Alexander Alabin - New York. Prominent jazz multi-instrumentalist on tour across the US.

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